Lean Manufacturing and Lean Six Sigma Videos

Below are several Lean and Six Sigma related videos we have created. We have organized them into four groups: Introduction to Lean Manufacturing, Introduction to Lean Six Sigma, Introduction to Lean Healthcare, and Introduction to Lean Management. We also have over 70 videos on our YouTube channel that you can watch individually. Please also follow us on Twitter for updates, connect to our Sr. Partner on LinkedIn, and/or subscribe to our channel on Youtube for videos using the buttons below.

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Lean Training Video Excerpt

We offer online Lean Manufacturing, Lean Healthcare, and Lean Six Sigma training and certificate programs. This video is taken from our training and includes a description of both six sigma and lean. If you have an interest in our online training, please visit our Online Training site or register for a free 14 day trial.

Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

Using cartoon animation, this series of videos covers the basic principles, concepts, and tools of Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System. Concepts include kaizen, seven wastes, improvement kata, 5S, Continuous Flow, Kanban and pull systems, value stream mapping, leveling work, mistake proofing, quick changeover, TPM, and A3 Problem Solving.

Introduction to Lean Healthcare

This series of brief cartoon videos covers concepts such as Lean Healthcare, Lean Leadership, A3 Problem Solving, 5S in Healthcare, Continuous Flow and Pull Systems in healthcare, Leveling Workload, Kaizen Events, and Daily Kaizen using the Improvement Kata.


Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

This series of brief cartoon videos covers concepts such as DMAIC, Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen, SIPOC Diagrams, Process Capability, Hypothesis Testing, Design of Experiments, 5S, Continuous Flow, Kanban and Pull Systems, Mistake Proofing, and Control Plans.


Introduction to Lean Leadership

This series of brief cartoon videos covers concepts such as Lean Leadership, Lean Culture, Strategy Deployment, Catchball, Daily Kaizen using the Improvement Kata, and Lean Accounting and Metrics.


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