Lean Assessment


A Lean Assessment is the first step to understanding where your organization currently stands, how it can benefit from lean transformation, and what major activities need to be done to transform your organization into a lean enterprise. EMS consultants will spend time on-site or remotely with your organization interviewing key personnel, gathering data, and observing operations. Then, we will conduct an analysis and present a report to you.

What Does a Lean Assessment Include?

  • Lean Assessment Scores in a range of key areas including visual management, safety, scheduling, material flow, inventory, lean culture and teamwork, equipment maintenance, flexibility and responsiveness, quality, and supply chain.
  • Detailed Financial Analysis and Impact
  • Resource Recommendations
  • Recommendations for Appropriate Lean Metrics
  • Customized Roadmap to Lean Transformation
  • A Basis from Which to Begin Strategy Deployment and Value Stream Mapping


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