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The site contains over 50 Lean related articles including topics like The 7 Wastes, 5S, A3, Kaizen, Value Stream Mapping, and Six Sigma.

Lean Videos

We have created playlists of our short-length educational cartoon videos covering a wide range of Lean topics.

Lean Newsletter

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Lean Presentations

Some of our Lean presentations from Slideshare.

SMART Consulting

SMART Consulting Egypt: Lean and Six Sigma Consultants.

Online Lean Training

Our self-paced Lean Manufacturing, Lean Healthcare, and Lean Six Sigma training and certification programs provide a cost-effective way for clients to access world class training.

Lean Supply Chain Blog

Our Lean Supply Chain blog includes our latest Lean Thinking on various topics.

Lean Training Online Blog

This is another blog that we offer featuring topics related to lean training.

SigmaXL: Lean Six Sigma Software

We have partnered with SigmaXL for our Lean Six Sigma online training programs.

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