Lean Manufacturing and Lean Six Sigma Books

To get started in lean manufacturing, we recommend that you read James Womack's and Daniel Jones' classic Lean Thinking. Lean Transformation and Lean Six Sigma are also excellent books that are full of ideas, plans, and formulas for lean manufacturing and six sigma success. Leaning into Six Sigma tells, in the form of a fictional story, about combining the power of lean and six sigma. And finally, The Machine that Changed the World, is the original Womack and Jones work on lean manufacturing- a fascinating book on the auto industry.

The Toyota Way and The Toyota Way Fieldbook by Jeffrey Liker contain very detailed information on how Toyota has achieved its great success. We also recommend two books by one of the greatest contributors to the advancement of lean manufacturing in America, Norman Bodek. Kaikaku: The Power and Magic of Lean tells of Norman's experiences with some of the greatest manufacturing minds of the 20th century; this will help any organization begin thinking differently. Also written by Norman Bodek with Chuck Yorke is All You Gotta Do is Ask; this book talks about creating a culture of continuous improvement; if you want to know how to promote large numbers of ideas from your employees, read this book. Without a culture of continuous improvement, lean will not succeed. Better Thinking, Better Results by Emiliani is the story of Wiremold's lean transformation process- it is a must read for CEO's and managers intending to transform their organizations.

We have also included additional titles here, including EMS Consulting Group co-founder Darren Dolcemascolo's book Improving the Extended Value Stream.


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