Virtual Lean Consulting™ Services


While many lean consultants today take an anti-technology stance, we believe there are huge opportunities to take advantage of technology in the delivery of our consulting and training services.  We have created a new program to support clients that is more cost effective than on-site consulting while maintaining the high quality service.  While not every service can be accomplished virtually, our Virtual Lean Consulting™ services provide a flexible, less costly approach to lean transformation.

Which services are offered through Virtual Lean Consulting™?

  • Virtual Lean Coaching™ Services: EMS Consulting provides one on one Lean coaching virtually through our Zoom or WebEx services (or through the client's preferred tool).  Virtual coaching will include 4 - 8 video and screen sharing sessions per month plus additional support time.
  • Lean Training and Facilitation Services with Coaching support: EMS provides access to our self-paced online Lean training or Zoom or Web-Ex based live training and provides Lean coaching and facilitation services remotely utilizing our Zoom or WebEx services (or through the client's preferred tool).  ETP funding is now available for Remote Video Live training/facilitation to off-set the cost for California manufacturers and product developers.  Facilitation can be done virtually for kaizen events and value stream mapping workshops.
  • Virtual Lean Assessment™: EMS will meet virtually with a small team to describe the process, utilize the team to gather data, analyze the data, and provide/present an assessment report.

We can also combine Virtual Lean Consulting™ Services into a package beginning with an assessment.  To learn more, contact us.

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